Wooden Crack Keycap

These Wooden Crack keycaps are hand-made using high quality wood and resin from the Hand Made Studio. As the resin is transparent, the light from an LED can be seen under neither. They will go great with a wooden case or wrist rest.

The keycap is a profile similar to OEM and designed for the top row of your keyboard, compatible with Cherry MX style switches. Please check product photos before purchasing. If you need any more photos please let us know!

As each keycap is handmade, they are all slightly different, so please bare that in mind when looking at the pictures. The transparency of the keycap when an LED is lit underneath it will be different each time depending on the keycap, LED brightness and LED position. When removing this keycap from your keyboard it is best to use a wire keyap puller to avoid any damage to the keycap.

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Artisan Keycap
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