110 Clear Rubber O-Ring dampeners for mechanical keyboards. They can be easily attached under the stem of the keycaps to prevent them bottoming out providing a more tactile, quieter and faster keystroke. A standard UK (ISO) keyboard has 105 Keys, leaving you with some to spare.

Outter diameter: 8mm
Inner diameter: 5mm

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Now this was a surprise

I originally ordered these o-rings to evaluate the sound adding these to Gateron Melodic to silence the bottom out sound pretty much drowning out the click leaf. The o-rings did the job but the sound from just the click leaf was pretty miserable.
For the fun of it I then added these to noisiest switches I have, the Kailh Box Summer, and what an upgrade. I now only hear the very loud click bar and not much at all of the bottoming out sound. Even the fairly clacky spacebars on this Q8 are behaving.
Who would have thought this cheap upgrade would turn a great sounding board to an end game sound signature.

For those that say o-rings gives a mushy typing feel, well I can't say I have noticed that what so ever.

Nikolaus Waxweiler
Quick delivery; as expected

See title.

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