Cthulhu Keycap

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The Cthulhu Keycap is a hand painted keycap expertly designed by The Gizmo Bazaar and painted by our inhouse Mechbox artist. It is 3D printed using black Hi-Def acrylate, a smooth black plastic that showcases intricate details and the best material to use when painting 3D printed keycaps. This keycap is suitable for Cherry MX style switches.

Please remember this is a hand painted keycap and may have small blemishes. Please see product photos. This keycap has a small chip on the bottom of the back right side (see product picture)

Fancy painting one yourself? Check out The Gizmo Bazaar Shapeways shop! There is even an option to have your own keycap designs printed! If you are painting your own keycap remember to choose Black Hi-Def Acrylate for the best quality.

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Product Code: CTAR9390
Artisan Keycap
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