We always check the products we receive from manufacturers to make sure they are of a high standard. However sometimes we receive some products that may have some visual defects, missing items in a set, not the same colour as advertised and other factors that we feel make them not fit to be sold alongside our other products. Therefore, we have created the Mechbox Mystery Box™, consisting of a range of these products. Other items included in the box could include products we just have a lot of, free gifts we receive from suppliers, products we received as samples that we decided not to pursue, or just products that are not selling too well.

Although priced at £10, the items in the bag would have a much higher. A Mystery Box is ideal for those looking for random keys to make their own "Throw Up" keycap sets or looking for random keycaps for your switch tester.

A Mystery Box is available for sale every time I have enough B-stock to fill a UK Large Letter box, and when it has a high enough value. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot provide refunds, but we will try make it worth its price and throw in some interesting stuff!

Leave a comment with your order if you have a preference for the type of products you want in the box and we will do our best to include them in the box (although we can't guarantee we can). Please also include the size of your keyboard
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