Youtuber Review:

Get your protein shake ready! Mechbox Super Springs are back, and now in packs of 100!

These springs are a first production run in limited quantities.

Please use these springs with caution. 

Suitable for Cherry MX Style switches only (Not Kailh style switches).

Compatible with Tactile, Linear & Clicky Switches. 

I am still working on the 1000g spring, but didn't feel the V1 version was suitable in it's current state to be sold in packs of 100.

These V2 springs are the only Super Spring versions available in packs of 100. If you are looking for different weights, check out the V1 Super Springs here, however they are only available as samples.

Available Weights (Estimated):

Standard Springs (High Carbon Steel, Dark Grey Looking):

  • Brad: 530g Actuation, 620g Bottom Out
  • Thad: 600g Actuation, 680g Bottom Out
  • Chad: 670g Actuation, 750g Bottom Out

Shiny Zinc Springs (High Carbon Steel with Zinc Plating to be more shiny):

  • Shiny Greg: 180g Actuation, 210g Bottom Out
  • Shiny Chad: 670g Actuation, 750g Bottom Out


Standard & Zinc Plated Springs are identical in performance, outside of the Zinc plated springs being shinier, therefore more fancy, and more impressive to family, friends and prospective employers.

Available in packs of 100, or just buy 1 spring!

Product Code: MBAA816