We now have V2 Super Springs available in packs of 100 here!


Youtuber Review:

Feeling tough? 

Punish your fingers with a Mechbox Super Spring.

Hate a certain letter on your keyboard?

Stop yourself ever pressing it again with these super heavy springs.

Weights available (Rough estimate):

  • "Thicc boye" - 170g Actuation, 220g Bottom Out.
  • "Boing" - 180g Actuation, 230g Bottom Out
  • "Boiiiing" - 200g Actuation, 250g Bottom Out
  • "Springo" - 220g Actuation, 270g Bottom Out
  • "Long Boi" - 240g Actuation, 280g Bottom Out. Probably the longest spring out there.
  • "Colossal Coilyboi400g Actuation, 550g Bottom Out (slightly reduces switch travel distance and tactility)
  • "The Chad" - 700g Actuation, 1000g Bottom Out (Removes all tactility from the switch. Also slightly reduces travel distance). This is a modified spring to be suitable for switches.
  • "The Giga Chad" - 1000g Actuation, 1200g Bottom Out. (Removes all tactility from the switch, does not work with clicky switches. Barely functionable. Also slightly reduces travel distance)

(The names were suggest by the UK Keyboard Community.)

This listing is one for 1 spring. Please pick the weight you want below.

These springs are a prototype (currently version 1), and are currently only available as samples. V2 Super Springs are available in packs of 100 here.

Please use these springs with caution.

Suitable for Cherry MX Style switches only.

Product Code: MBAA441