Designed by Gazzew.

Switch Type: Silent Tactile 5 Pin
Actuation force: 68g

See ThereminGoat's Review here.

This switch sample is limited to 1 order of no more than 3 switches per customer. If you attempt to order more than 3 of this switch, even if its across multiple orders, your order will be cancelled and refunded. If you are looking to buy these switches in larger quantities please see below the list of Authorised Vendors:

North America (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA) (Canada) (Canada) 



Daily Clack (Australia) (Australia) (Netherlands) (Spain) (India)

MKZealots (Aliexpress)

GKESports (Taobao) (Japan) (Singapore)

ZionStudios.PH (Philippines) (Indonesia) (South Korea)


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