Why are so many things out of stock? >:(
We try our best to keep as many things in stock as possible! We like to buy products in small amounts first to sample them before deciding whether to buy them in bulk to sell on the site. Therefore, when new products arrive, its often in small quantities. If the item sells well, we then buy it in a higher quantity. Therefore there are sometimes long periods of things being out of stock. Resin keycaps have a lead time of about 4-5 weeks so they take some time to come back in stock.

Occasionally it may be the case that the website says something is out of stock when it is not. This is sometimes done deliberately so I don’t oversell something as I sell on a few different platforms. So please feel free to message me with any questions regarding what’s in stock.

Can I cancel my order?
Sure! Please feel free to cancel your order for whatever reason at any time before you receive your shipping conformation email. If you want to cancel your order after you have received your shipping conformation email please let us know. You will receive a full refund once you ship your order back to us.

I did not receive my shipping confirmation email!
Shipping conformation emails are automated emails sent once your order has been packaged and placed in the mailing bag. Therefore, you may receive these emails very late at night. The reason we do this is that it actually makes the packaging and shipping process much easier on our end just to tick them off when they are in the mailing bag. Your order is then delivered to the courier the next working day of your confirmation email (normally the following morning). You should receive these emails without any problems. If you do not receive this email please let me know as it may have just have been human error. ​

Something is out of stock and your “Stock On The Way” page says it hasn’t been reordered. Can you order it in for me?
Sure! Please send me an email of what the item is. You may need to pay upfront depending on the item.

Do you sell switches in bulk?
Unfortunately, we do not sell switches in bulk. We currently specialise in switch sampling so we don’t normally stock switches in quantities higher than 40. There are a lot of great vendors who do though so if you need any information on where to get what switch please let us know!

Can I order something in bulk or in quantities/options that differ from what the website says is possible?
Sure! If you only need exactly 22 clear keycaps, or you are ordering a blank DSA keycap set but only need 70% of the keycaps, or you want 30 chicken keycaps, please let us know and we can arrange a custom invoice with a potential discount for large orders.

Can I sell my products on your website?
Sure! We are always keen on expanding the products on the site. We actually have a system where we pay suppliers and artists upfront for their products. If you have anything you want to sell on the site or want to organise a collaboration or sponsorships with Mechbox please send us a message!

May I use your photos for a thing?
Please ask before using any photos!
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