Clickiez 40g Switch Sample

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Brand: Zeal PC,
Switch type: Clicky, 
Actuation force: 40g, 

Product Code: MBAB350

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Literally no clicky switch comes close to this, ALPS, ProWorld,, Kailh Box.. nothing. Even tactiles fall short to this milestone.

The feel is almost perfection, I don't think it can even be improved purely at the limitation of physics, my ONLY complaint is that there's a weird 'double bump' as it hits/drops from both leaves at sliiiightly different times, this is only noticeable on return stoke if you pull up very slowly and once it's in a board it's barely there.

Every other feature is flawless. The SOUND of the click leaf is a glorious full bodied snap, followed by an almost equally snappy bottom out which during normal typing or gaming is almost in sync. On return, there's the mirrored top housing hit, which is a high 'pop' to match the click nicely. I can only imagine that in a hollow Cherry G80-like board the sounds would be even more harmonious.

In clicky mode the feel is unique and impressive, in the best way possible, it is NOT linear. The pre-travel has a nice exponential feeling increase, before it suddenly loses from the leaf's grasp into a comparative free-fall until bottom out. It's almost impossible to not bottom out with these. There's not so much of a "tactile bump" as such, but almost like the vibration of the massive click leaf shaking it away from it's hold providing a wonderful sharp jolt before it becomes a light airy fall to the depths.

In tactile mode it is a true HYPER tactile, but like, MORE TACTILE. A very very sharp, short instant bump. There's no roundness, no drawn out bump, it's a very high and wedge shape cliff to climb before the sudden drop similar to clicky mode. If you want hyper tactile, and I mean HYPER tactile, this is the singular.

Haven't tried linear mode.. because why?? Linear mode is just a by product of having a removable click leaf, please don't buy this to use it in linear mode, you will anger the gods.

As for weighting, 45G is what you want for a keyboard, with with 75G used on macro / number pads and potentially a big ole 7u spacebar. 45G isn't classically heavy, but the clicky/tactile leaf requires more than expected force to get past after seeing this spring weight. I'd compare this to a 65G tactile in terms of effort.

Holy grail Clicky/Tactile switch

Extremely satisfying switch in both clicky and tactile mode. Nothing currently produced has this extreme amount of tactility. This switch is loud, but is pleasant and rhythmic, and is exactly what a proper mechanical keyboard switch should sound like.

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