Durock Silent T1 Shrimp Switch Sample

Brand: Durock, 
Switch Type: Tactile, 
Actuation force: 67g,

Product Code: MBAB018

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My favourite silent so far- but needs lube.

As the title. It's my favourite silent tactile so far and I've tried a few, including the Gazzew Boba range. Decent hump and not as mushy as some.

However, it does need some lube to get there and the mx stems switch to switch aren't quite consistent - I find some don't hold caps on as well as others.

James McCormack
The Strong Silent Type

A really quiet switch, this, with a nice bassy thock, not too scratchy, and no ping. I have tested it against other silents, and this is my pick to purchase from Mechbox as it is available in bulk.
It has a very strong tactile bump, so you really know when you've actuated it - no accidental presses that I encounter with linear switches. May be heavier than you expect, it's worth trying a sample; Personally I like heavy switches. Happily it has no issues with letting south-facing RGB LED through, unlike some other silent switches I have tested (cough Cherry MX Silent Black, Haimu Whisper, Gateron Milky Top Yellow, Outemu Lime cough). In summary, a satisfying silent switch.

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