Momoka Frog V1 Switch

We also sell them in packs of 10 here!

Extremely Smooth & Incredibly Stable


Type: Linear
Operating Force: 54cN
Maximum Force: 62cN
Total Travel: 3.70mm
Pre-Travel :2.50mm
Durability: >50M
LED Compatibility: SMD, RGB


PC (Upper Housing)
POM (Stem)
PA66 (Base)
SUS304 Steel (Spring)
CuSn4 (Contacts)
Greasing: Ex-Factory, GP105

Product Code: MBAA702

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Lee
Excellent smooth linear switch

Really nice switch. Factory lube is well done enough that I didn’t feel the need to lube them myself. Nice and smooth. Would highly recommend

Raymond Christianto
My (current) favourite linear switch!

I really really like this compared to other linear switches which I have tried (Gateron Yellow, Tecsee Ruby, Gazzew Bobagum Silent Linear). I was personally torn between this and the Tangerine 62g (currently ordering it). However, if the Tangerine is too heavy for my fingers, I will definitely go with the Momoka Frog. It is pre-lubed, it is steady (no wobble), and it has wider compatibility (3-pin instead of 5-pin).

The minus is it feels a bit too heavy for my ring and little finger. Hence why I am planning to mix this with a lighter linear switch (eg Gateron Yellow/Red).

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