Wuque Studio WS Heavy Tactile Switch (10 Switches)

Item: WS Heavy Tactile,
Switch Type : Heavy Tactile,
Top Housing Material: Nylon,
Bottom Housing Material: Nylon,
Stem Material: POM,
Spring: 22mm/Single Stage ,
Total travel:  3.00~3.20mm,
Bottom-out force: 45g,
Mounting Pins : 5-pin,
 Factory lubed
Product Code: MBAB568

Customer Reviews

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Attila Szili
Good price and amazing quality is possible

Great tactile experience, I use it for typing and non competitive gaming, works for both. The quality of these switches beat switches twice the price, they have the least key stem wobble I have experienced, come pre lubed, no need to film or lube yourself to have a great feel. They are heavy as the name implies so be mindful about this and go with the brown version instead if your hand and fingers tire easily...

Sam M
Easily some of the nicest tactiles i've tried

Love these! they're incredibly tactile and sound so clean. my only complaint so far is that they sound slightly less characterful than some other switches I've tried, but I've only tried these in one board.

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