Wuque Studio WS Silent Tactile Switch (10 Switches)

Item: WS Silent Tactile,
Switch Type : Silent Tactile,
Top Housing Material: Nylon,
Bottom Housing Material: Nylon,
Stem Material: POM,
Spring : 15mm/Single Stage ,
Total travel: 3.50±0.3mm,
Bottom-out force: 63.5,
Mounting Pins : 5-pin,
Factory lubed
Product Code: MBAB569

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matt Page
Very nice tactile silents

I have two Ajazz K870Pro boards - one with Outemu Silent Cream Yellow tactile, one with these Wuque Studio WS Silent Tactile. (FWIW, both board have been modded with tape and foam).
These Wuque switches have a very obvious tactile bump, are much quieter than hand-lubed Gateron Black or Reds.

The tactile feel is more positive than the Outemu, but the Outemus are quite a bit quieter still!

Silent and superb

Got these to replace the stock tactile switches on the Keychron K10 pro. The difference is night and day. These switches with Cherry profile keycaps are only slightly louder than the Logitech K800 keyboard I’m replacing and considerably better to type on. The tactile feedback on these switches is VERY pleasant and smooth.

I use these switches in a home office setup next to bedrooms. I have not heard any complaints from late night working or gaming yet so clearly they are quiet enough. Happy to recommend the switches and the brand. Will certainly consider WS switches in the future.

Jeremy Hill
WS Silent Tactile goodness

LOVING these silent tactiles in my Keychron Q1. I work from home & have an office set-up at the other end of our Living Room so for anyone else trying to use the room whilst I'm typing away, anything but silent switches can be an annoyance. Fortunately these switches are super quiet & very tactile. The factory pre-lubed job feels consistent & are a joy to type on. Will be trying other types of WS switches in the future. Thx Mechbox.

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