Tecsee DIY Ice Cream Frankenswitch Switch Kit

Looking to build the perfect Frankenswitch? Want to understand how different types of plastics, springs and stems feel within the switch?

Tecsee's DIY Sample box contains:

  • Top Housings: 10pcs HPE, 10pcs Nylon PA666, 10pcs PME, 5pcs PC Plastic
  • Bottom Housings: 10pcs HPE, 10pcs Nylon PA666, 10pcs PME, 5pcs PC Plastic
  • Stems: 10pcs HPE 13.0mm, 10pcs pom linear 13.0mm, 10pcs UPE linear 13.0mm, 10pcs nylon linear 13.5mm, 5pcs pom linear 13.5mm, 5 pcs pom tactile (13.0mm)
  • Springs: 35pcs 62g standard spring, & 35pcs 58g double spring

A super helpful kit to help you create your own unique style of switch!

Product Code: MBAB369

Customer Reviews

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What fun these are

What an interesting kit. Muck around with various switch components and get a proper feel for how they work, so you can establish your preference. This is a great kit, because it's not just a mixture of the usual kinds of switches - the shells are made of varying materials, as are the stems and there are even different types of springs. I've had these for a day and I've had so much fun swapping bits around. You wouldn't think you'd be able to tell the difference between a top shell made of polyoxymethylene and one of high-density polyethylene, but you really can - the former can be made to more exacting tolerances and feels tighter with less wobble. I used to think the people mixing and matching different switch parts were a bit crazy, but now I get what they're on about (I still think they're crazy though).

This is just tremendous fun and the kit if probably unique - I've never seen anything else like this. Tecsee have been getting better and better over the last year or so and it's interesting to be able to play at 'being' them. Great stuff.

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