DUROCK POM Piano 63.5g Linear Unlubed Switch Sample

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Brand: Durock
Colour: POM
Switch type: Linear
Actuation force: 63.5g

Product Code: MBAA605

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I'm not a linear guy but I grabbed one here in the "sale"

Unbelievably smooth, silky, linear with a decently medium weight, this is one of those switches that makes me sad I stick to clicky / tactile switches, no haptic switch can reach anywhere near this level without them feeling 'gluey'

Does not need lubing, or stickers / films, the wobble is minimal and has a satisfying thick bottom out.

conor cooke
Nice switch

arrived fast very smooth when lubed very clacky switch if you like that would recomend

Zhuoxuan Li
Brilliant service and timing

Had complications with receiving my parcel late, so I asked these guys to ship my package quickly and deliver they did.

Nathaniel Pankhurst
A more consistent NK Cream

Before lubing the durock pom was a quite mid-pitched, clacky switch. Quite smooth, and a satisfying experience.

Though, I don’t think the switch truly got into it’s element until after it had been lubed and filmed.

My personal choice when it comes to lubing is a moderate amount of Krytox 205g0 on the stem, housing rails, and inside/around the spring guides, with a liberal application of Krytox 105 to the spring.

After lubing, the switch became buttery smooth with a much deeper profile. Not as deep as ink blacks, but a lot louder.

The closest switch I can compare it to is the NK cream. It has a similar level of clackiness, but with a slightly deeper profile. Also, even after lubing both switches, the durock had a much more consistent feel. The NK creams on the other hand, can feel different at different points in the stroke, though this could be due to my lube application.

One thing to keep in mind with the Durock POM’s is the mystery blend stem. The plastic is much softer than that of other stems I’ve tried. It doesn’t grip keycaps as hard, and I fear that it may become loose much quicker than other switches if you’re one to regularly change your keyset.

TL;DR good switch, I like it a lot. Though, I’ll probably make sure to keep one keycap set on it as I’m not sure of the stem longevity.

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