Sunflower POM T1 Switch Sample

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Brand: JWK, 
Switch type: Tactile,
Actuation force: 67g

Product Code: MBAA841

Customer Reviews

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MX style tactility to the max

Very sharp early tactile bump, more tactile than the T1, sound on the louder and clackier side, and also pingy. Very scratchy in stock form, it's one of those MX-style tactile switches that need a lot of work to lube, including the bump, otherwise when you press on the key off-center, it will feel like the key is binding. When slowly releasing the key, it takes a while for the spring to build up enough energy to push past the bump for the return. I believe the design of this switch is tuned to the physical limits of how large and sharp a tactile bump can on MX-style switches can be given a 67g spring.

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