Kailh Box Thick Click Jade Switch (10 Switches)

Includes 10 Switches.

Want only 1 switch? Buy them as samples here!

Brand: Kailh
Colour: Jade
Switch type: Clicky
Actuation force: 50g

Product Code: MBAA902

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent switches

I found myself getting accidental keypresses when using Gateron Brown Speed switches, whilst they are great for typing, for gaming where I ended up resting my fingers on keys, these are much better. No more accidental keypresses or activations and they are lovely to type on too. You may not want to use these where other people can hear you though! I will be buying more for a second keyboard soon.

Great at what they do

They feel nice to type on, the sharp tactility is always something I like. And they are clicky as all hell, which is why I can't use them as I am in dorms as of now.
I'm more of a tactile gal myself, but these make me like using clickies :)

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