Tacit V2 Switch Sample

Brand: Keebwerk, 
Switch Type: Tactile, 
Actuation force: 67g

Product Code: MBAB182

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Same as unlubed Durock Shrimp

Although the tactile bump is exactly the same as the T1, this switch feels more tactile as it is dampened, so your senses are all directed to touch instead of both hearing and touch. However, this switch is only available in bulk from Keebwerks, and in its unlubed stock form, it sounds just a tad louder than Durock Silent T1 Shrimp. Although still very quiet, but it's not smooth enough. While typing, you can just about to make out the rubberband rubbing against the housing, but it's not very noticeable. Like every Durock switch, there's minimal wobble. It's an excellent silent tactile switch, but definitely need to be lubed.

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