Glorious Panda Unlubed Switch Sample

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Brand: Glorious Panda 
Switch Type: Tactile 
Actuation force: 67g

Product Code: MBAA508

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
AWFUL quality control

The worst quality control ever. I made the mistake of blindly buying a bunch from Overclockers when they first came out. Can't tell you how many of them I've had to move around or outright replace.

And I even had to compile QMK with increased debounce... Horrible switches. Avoid like the plague unless you wanna keep replacing them

A bit too noisy

Feel-wise these are pretty decent despite being unlubed; the tactile bump is a bit less pronounced than I'd like but that's personal preference. What does bug me is the switch I have has slight, but noticeable noise from the spring as you bottom-out, but more notably as you release the switch. Can't comment if this is normal, but if so, it's kinda annoying and I can't imagine a whole board of these pinging every key press. Not to mention how loud it is when the stem hits the bottom (but hey, maybe you like it noisy).
For the price though, even without the spring noise, I'd sooner choose something else.

Not for me

Heaviness was good but really wasn't a fan of the seemingly early bottom out from the long stem or the bottom out sound. I also found the bump a bit underwhelming (much preferring a T1 bump).
Also, there being no 5 pin option seems a bit strange and meant they didn't sit nicely in my hot-swap modded board.

Karl B.
Bad sound, bad feel

The tactility on this switch is vague and unconvincing. I also don't care for how it sounds. Finally, it's overpriced.

James P.
A rounded, strong tactile switch

A nice switch, there's no pre-travel time, bump starts at the top, it's a strong bump but not that sharp, it's fairly rounded.
This is barely noticeably unlubed, you can feel and hear a bit of scratchiness in it's stock state.

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