Mechbox Super Springs Sample

Feeling tough? 

Punish your fingers with a Mechbox Super Spring.

Hate a certain letter on your keyboard?

Stop yourself ever pressing it again with these super heavy springs.

Weights available (Rough estimate):

  • "Thicc boye" - 170g Actuation, 220g Bottom Out.
  • "Colossal Coilyboi" 400g Actuation, 550g Bottom Out (slightly reduces switch travel distance and tactility)
  • "The Chad" - 700g Actuation, 1000g Bottom Out (Removes all tactility from the switch. Also slightly reduces travel distance). This is a modified spring to be suitable for switches.
  • "The Giga Chad" - 1000g Actuation, 1200g Bottom Out. (Removes all tactility from the switch. Also slightly reduces travel distance)
  • "ü͏́ ̴͏͜r҉́̕͘͢ ̵̨͏̧b̨̀ ̵́́͢͞e͠r̡͘͞҉ ̷̨̡̀ ̸̡̢́c̶̶͡ ̢h̶҉̛́ ̴̸̢̀̕a̴̕ ̷͜͞d̵̶́͘͢" - 1500g Actuation, 1700g Bottom Our (in development)

 This listing is one for 1 spring. Please pick the weight you want below. The names were suggest by the community.

These springs are a prototype (currently version 1), and are currently only available as samples.

Please use these springs with caution.

Suitable for Cherry MX Style switches.

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Product Code: MBAA444
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