Gateron Crystal Silver Switch Sample

Brand: Gateron, 
Switch type: Linear,
Actuation force: 45g

Product Code: MBAA832

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Gremious G.
They're my favorite silver so far

I have ordered 10 different linear switches, most of them silvers, and these are my favorite non-optical ones.
Between Kailh Speed Silver, TTC Speed Silvers, Cherry reds, and others - these go down nearly the easiest, only beaten by the optical ones and *barely* by the Gateron Silver Pro's (Single Spring).

The reason I'd go for these over the pro's is the sound - when put against an actual metal backplate, pro's have kind of a loud clacking sound, which gets a bit annoying to me. These guys sound cushier, while still being incredibly easy to press.
Outside of that, those two feel incredibly similar, so I would honestly recommend to get a pair of both and put them on a real keyboard if you have one to test.
I would also recommend comparing against the pros with an o-ring, because while these guys change drastically with one (and, imo, not in a good way), the pros actually remain nearly the same, they just sound slightly different and don't go down as far.

My only trouble was finding these switches to actually buy in bulk, because the only thing that came up when you googled "Gateron Crystal" was their CAP Black Crystal V2s. So I wasn't sure if this listing was those, or V1s, or a mystery "Gateron Crystal" that isn't produced anymore or is only international. But! Mr. MechBox Matt himself contacted me and they are the nicest person ever, and I can confirm that you can get these exact switches here: (and if the links dies in the future: Gateron Crystal Translucent 3Pin)

I also did order some Gateron CAP Black Crystal V2s and I will try to remember to update this review in the future when I find out if that's the same switch or not.

but yea good switch 👍️

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