Gateron Silver Pro Pre-Lubed Dual Spring 3pin Switch (10 Switches)

Includes 10 Switches.

Want only 1 switch? Buy them as samples here!

Brand: Gateron,
Switch type: Linear (Dual Spring)
Weight: 45g

Product Code: MBAA901

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jordan W.
The Best if You Like a Quieter Keyboard

I originally kitted out a new barebone Keychron Q1 with Gateron Pro Yellows. New to mechanical keyboards I chose what I heard good things about but was wary of all the quack advice you hear from elitists when it comes to niche communities like custom keyboards, audiophiles, things like that. I chose to try these because while the Gateron Yellow Pros are very smooth, for gaming they were a little bit harder on my fingers than I wanted, quite loud, and a little bit clacky.

Comparatively, the Pro Silvers are FANTASTIC. They're so good you can legit just type on the bare switches and it's quite fun. They're very stable, super smooth, the shorter travel is perfect and they're noticeably "thoccier" (yep, I said it) than the yellows. Nice and light on my fingers and I find myself wanting to type more because, for the first time ever, the act of using a keyboard is genuinely fun in and of itself. Using this thing now feels like popping luxury bubble wrap with each key press — very happy! Pro Silvers will be my go-to from now on! :D

(And Mechbox's services has been great, will be ordering from them in the future for sure.)

Adam Jarvey
Really happy with my new switches!

I've been using these for a week now and am super impressed with both the switches themselves and the service from Mechbox.

The switches themselves appear to be pre lubed, are incredibly smooth and sound amazing. I must admit, I don't have much experience with with custom key switches but I much prefer these to any I have tried from the likes of Cherry, Logitech and Razer. Compared to the Cherry MX Reds on the keyboard I have just retired, these have less wobble and feel smoother with a slightly greater resistance/weight when typing. The noise difference is night and day, they sound lubed no scratchy high end with a more muted bass low end.

There were a couple of downsides for me but nothing major. A couple of switches are noticeably less lubed but I would take this over hand lubing for now personally. One switch had a bent pin too but this was easily fixed.

As a bonus, I was also given some extra novelty keys as a gesture for a very slight delay with my order. There was also a hand written note explaining this in the box which was much appreciated.

Could not have asked for a better introduction to custom keyboards, cheers Mechbox!

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