Gateron Yellow Optical Switch Sample

Brand: Gateron 
Colour: Yellow
Switch type: Linear 
Actuation force: 35 cN

Product Code: MBAA556

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Spring too short and feels cheapy

Gateron making mainstream optical switches should have been a good milestone, but unfortunately none of the optical releases are decent.

This one is ULTRA light, so light in fact that the first 1/4 of mm of actuation doesn't have any weight.. almost like the spring isn't long enough to hold the stem up against the top housing so you get a weird wobbly top. I get that light springs are a preference for some but this just feels like a factory error.

The rest of the switch doesn't help either, with it being optical, the bottom housing is extremely thin and hollow sounding, making the sound profile a strange tacky click.

It's not even that smooth, which is daft as there's literally 0 contacts pressing up against the stem, that's an entire surface medium removed. Though, it doesn't have the classic 2-part linear movement of other switches, it's one long push with no difference in feel, which is rather nice.

I'm now an optical skeptic lol.

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