SPRiT MX Springs Sample Pack

If you are looking for high quality MX switch springs, look no further.

SPRiT springs are renown for their high quality and high precision. 

With a large range of bottom out forces available, there is a spring weight that will be perfect for you. 

Buy these great springs for your next keyboard build on the SPRiT website here.

Sample springs available (Bottom Force):

  • 30 S (Actuation 20cN) - Stenographic Ultra Light, Ultra Fast. Optimized for linears
  • 35 S (Actuation 25cN) - Stenographic Ultra Light, Ultra Fast. Optimized for linears.
  • 40 S (Actuation 30cN) - Ultra Light, Works nicely with the linears and clickies
  • 45 S (Actuation 35cN) - Ultra Light, Ultra Fast. Works wonderfully with MX linears, clickies and tactiles
  • 50 S (Actuation 40cN) - Faster and lighter than MX Reds, with bouncier bottom out
  • 55 S (Actuation 45cN) - Similar to MX Reds with faster response and improved stability
  • 58 S (Actuation 48cN) - Special Edition. In between MX Reds and Blues with bouncier bottom out
  • 60 S (Actuation 50cN) - More clearly accentuated than stock Blues with improved stability
  • 62 S - Tighter, better accentuated than stock Blues. Quicker and better bounce back response
  • 65 S - Heavier than stock MX Blues. Worldwide reputation for it's smooth and stable action
  • 68 S - To overcome the Legendary Vintage Blacks, NCR-0528, Nixdorf with lighter & smoother feel
  • 72 S - Special Homage to the elastic Vintage Blacks in 1980's. Smoother & lighter than stock Blacks
  • 78 S - Softer than MX Clears by 20% with similar curved and cushioned bottom out.
  • 85 S - Slightly lighter by 10% than Cherry MX Clears. Starts at 30g and bottoms out at 85g
  • 100 S - Similar to MX Gray linears and tactiles. Starts soft at 40g and bottoms out at 100g
  • 125 S - Similar to some spacebar springs in Cherry boards. Starts at 60g and bottoms out at 125g 
  • 150 S - Similar to the MX Super Keys in G80-1600, G80-5000. Starts at 75g, bottoms out at 150g
  • 180 S - Similar to the Super keys found in G80-5000, G80-9009. Starts at 100g, bottoms out at 180g


Product Code: MBAA420

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lee Roberts

SPRiT MX Springs Sample Pack

Jesse Luo
Exactly what I needed

I needed a sampler pack to get some heavier springs for my space bar. Springs arrived separately bagged and clearly labeled. Would recommend

Dale Wilding
Light springs improved game response massively

Ordered a bunch of different force springs and the 30s springs are so responsive! Massively increased my gaming response!

michelle jabar
Keyboard springs

Amazing gaming accessories. My product worked a treat and fast delivery

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